About Solar Media Market Research

Solar Media launched in-house market research services in June 2015. We leverage years of existing in-house data and knowledge built up through Solar Media’s digital, print and event divisions and proprietary analysis techniques to generate value for report customers.

We provide a range of services covering solar photovoltaics (PV) and battery storage technologies.

We are continuously growing our portfolio of market research offerings for key industry stakeholders and play a pivotal role within Solar Media Ltd. informing online, print and event assets.

The Portfolio

In addition to monthly and quarterly market reports, we undertake bespoke consulting activities, perform speaking engagements, and communicate our research findings on Solar Media Ltd web portals such as PV-Tech with regular articles in our company’s magazines. In addition, the extensive technical and market knowledge of our research team feeds directly into the PV CellTech and PV ModuleTech events produced by the market research team.